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Why do we need Träning?

A lot of people want to exercise but have trouble making it a consistent habit. Träning helps users consistently meet their goals over time.

Everyone knows that they should, yet we don’t.

Only one in three adults in the US receive the recommended amount of physical activity each week.1

Setting goals for your physical activity can be a good support for your habit to stick. That’s why it’s a core part of the Träning app.

A good goal has three main parts.

  1. A fixed time frame, so you’re able to complete it, e.g. 4 weeks.
  2. A base goal e.g. working out once a week.
  3. A stretch goal e.g. working out three times a week.

That would result in a 4 week long goal to work out 1-3 times per week. Here’s how that looks in Träning:


How does Träning work?

To form a habit you need to workout regularly for an extended amount of time.


There’s two main reasons why it’s hard to keep a workout habit.

  1. The goal is too ambitious
  2. Life gets in the way

Often both are involved.

Träning uses the combination of base and stretch goals to help users set a realistic base goal. The stretch goal lets you create the ambitious goal, but it’s the base goal that’s imporant to keep you motivated.

When life gets in the way, which it invetibly will, Träning focuses on the average number of workouts during the goal. This provides the user the ability to pick up the habit again without feeling like they have failed their goal.

Often there’s a renewed motivation at the end of the goal. That’s why the goals in Träning have a beginning and an end.


New in Träning 1.4 Distance based goals are included in the $4.99 Premium unlock (single purchase).



To track the users progress towards their workout goal Träning provides several methods.

Sync with Apple Health Use any Health enabled app and Träning will sync the workouts.

Manually Register Workouts Sometimes you’ve done a workout that you haven’t tracked with an app, you can then easily manually enter the workout in Träning.

Workout Timer Träning also includes a simple workout timer.


The summary is the long term view. This is where you see how your goals turn into a habit. It’s a great way to take a step back and appreciate the work you’ve done.


What’s up with the name, Träning?

Träning is Swedish for Workout. You might think this is a bad App Store Optimization (ASO) strategy, given that users would have a really hard time finding the app. And you would be right. That was a bad idea, but I’m sticking with it.

What’s new in version 1.4?

The latest version of Träning adds the ability to set distance based goals.

E.g. Set a goal to run 10K per week for 10 weeks.

This has been one of the most requested features and it’s finally here.

This update also includes a lot more details about your workouts, including routes, elevation graphs and heart rate graphs.

There’s also a new, much improved, icon.

Core Features

The free version includes:

Additionally the $4.99 Premium unlock includes:


Premium unlock is a single purchase of $4.99 or with an extra tip $5.99. This unlocks the ability to set the new distance based goals as well as specifying which types of workouts are included.


Träning 1.4 will be released on March 25. Träning is available for

Apple Health is currently not available for iPad which means that some functionallity is not available.

The app i available in all App Store regions and fully localized in English, French and Swedish.äning-workout-goals/id1477054247

About The Developer

I’m David Arve and the developer behind Träning. I’m a 38 year old software engineer. I live in Lund, Sweden with my wife Kristin and two kids, Noah (10) and Juni (7). By day I work as a freelance contractor and by night I work on Träning.

Any Questions?

Contact me at


Download the all media here including icon, screenshots, banners, actionshots.

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  1. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Healthy People 2010. Available at: